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Interior Painting calculator

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Estimating the interior of a home is a lot trickier than its exterior. Exponentially more details are involved, such as varying wall shapes and sizes, accessibility, trim, ceilings, number of colors, and many more. This interior painting calculator will be able to give you a general ballpark idea of what it may cost. Still, even newer professionals in the industry find that it is a learning curve to be accurate and consistent. Interior estimating is a constantly evolving art. The steps below will give you a base price of what it may cost for a professionally licensed and insured painting company to do it for you.

  1. Find out the floor space square footage of your house or of all of the rooms you are planning on having painted.

  2. If you are painting just walls, multiply by 4

  3. If you are painting walls and ceilings, multiply by 4.5

  4. If you are painting walls, ceilings, and trim, multiply by 5.5


10x10 room = 100 square feet

Walls and ceilings=100 x 4.5=$450

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